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About Owner and Photographer Shirlee Robinson

Shirlee had an eye for beauty at a young age. Born in Miami Springs, Florida, she attended beauty school while still in high school and immediately upon graduation began her styling career in the fashionable shops on Miami Beach. It was an exciting time for her and she trained with the best.

By 1978 life had taken her to Albuquerque working at a great salon called Lollapalooza. It was there that she started taking before and after shots of her clientele with new hair styles and make-up. She built up quite a clientele before a job change for her husband took her and her family to Denver.

In 1985 Shirlee transitioned¬† her extensive beauty experience into photography and opened Leading Lady Photography Inc. in southeast Denver…. the first and, at the time, only photography studio to cater primarily to women.

Shirlee saw a need for glamorous, flattering women’s photos as it didn’t seem fair that only the rich and famous could have beautiful photos of themselves for their loved ones. Women of all sizes, ages, colors, and backgrounds found Leading Lady to be a fun way to enhance their self esteem and add spark to their love life in a safe comfortable atmosphere. Her idea was a instant hit and quickly drew the attention of the media with TV appearances, talk show interviews, newspaper articles, and soon national speaking contracts.

In her current studio for 10 years and now with her daughter Lisa working with her, Shirlee has evolved with the digital age.¬† She often appears on Colorado and Company, has a beautiful website and couldn’t imagine doing anything other than making women feel beautiful.


Leading Lady Photography is located in Aurora, CO just off I-225 and Parker Road. Photo sessions are by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your consultation.

Shirlee head shot